We are here to help entrepreneurs like you create a strong marketing voice, and engineer your premium brand, products, or services, it is our intention to see your marketing metrics Rise Up. With our brand strategy, coupled with marketing insights and aesthetic design abilities, you will find people filling your funnels and falling in love with your business. We are here to put a microphone to your brand, once they have an interest, it is our job to maintain that beat, increase the volume and cause the overall equity in your brand to Rise Up.


About Rise Up Agency

We know there is never enough time in the day, so allow us to do the hard part; let us be the metronome, as your brand value begins to Rise Up—we will set the volume for you, on your brand! Rise Up Agency Inc. will strategically generate your marketing content and set a strong production pipeline, to allow you to consistently stay in front of your customers, to reach them where they live, and online, through traditional marketing and digital marketing tactics of social media, blogs, vlogs, their inboxes, magazines, news articles, podcasts,  and conference booths (and when we are onsite with you, we will help you imagine the space; to increase, or Rise Up how others view your brand)… Let us then maintain your multi-channel omnipresence, and never get caught in the trap of the daily grind of “just in time” manufacturing of brand experience and awareness; let us design your e-newsletters, meaningful posts, and messages that convert.

Today we help our clients achieve success by helping them wrap their arms around their brand and deliver dedicated content to their channels to increase brand loyalty and efficiency while attracting and converting more visitors.

Our Core Values

We are a team of trend-setters, thinkers, creators, designers, engineers, programmers, artists, consultants, and brand strategists, with one goal… to help your business Rise Up. We are the experts in marketing, the dreamers that achieve, the musicians who have moved our souls, the geniuses that have walked on the moon, the thinkers who believed it could happen, and the artists who made it happen.

We believe that you are here because you’re someone who wants to effortlessly attract high-paying clients, be positioned as the #1 choice in your industry, and charge premium prices for your products and services.

And that’s exactly what we do for our clients every day; through equipping them to engineer their tailored omnichannel marketing presence.


We work with world-recognized brands, products and services. Offering real-time solutions to our diverse, yet loyal portfolio of clients.

Our History

We are proud to call Reno, Nevada our corporate Home of The Marketing Ecosystem™

Our Purpose

To create stunning brands and ignite a strategic Marketing Ecosystem™ for your brand, while we help your success Rise Up, with a custom-tailored omnichannel marketing presence.

Our Team

Consider us your in-house, go-to marketing team, we are an extension of you, we are here to empower and enable successful entrepreneurship through the world of premium marketing, with a focus on branding. Every component of your custom-tailored Marketing Ecosystem™, will focus on your success, and keep your bottom line at the top of thought and we will continue to manage, grow, and evolve as your marketing metrics continue to Rise Up. 

Unlike other Marketing Agencies, we not only hire employees on-site–we work with a global team of experts. Our Exclusive Partnerships are what make us unique in execution and ability to deliver results in real-time. Rise Up Agency Inc. is a family-owned corporation, women-owned business, and veteran-founded company. We are proud to function under the leadership of the daughter/mother duo: Amanda Holt, and Marie Holt. Curious to learn more about Amanda Holt, or Marie Holt, our Agency, and global reach–feel free to contact us directly at:    hello@riseupagencyinc.com.

Have direct questions about becoming a part of our Agency, or Rise Up Team? Feel free to connect with Amanda ‘Artist_One’ Holt via LinkedIn.


Rise Up Agency Inc.

Rise Up Agency Inc.

Home of The Marketing Ecosystem™

Amanda Holt

Amanda Holt



Marie Holt

Marie Holt